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Protein Engineering

Protein Engineering Unit

Research Lines:
  • Protein engineering: analysis of structure, folding and function, and the redesign with biotechnological objectives of:
    • Proteases and their inhibitors.
    • Glucohydrolases.

  • Biocomputation/bioinformatics:
    • Design of software for the analysis of structure and function, modelling and redesign of biomolecules.
    • Analysis or computer simulation of biomolecules and molecular recognition.
    • Databases of biotechnological interest.
    • Genomics and proteomics.

  • Clinical and veterinary biotechnology:
    • Recombinant vaccines for veterinary use.
    • Diagnostic equipment for veterinary use.
    • Design of ligands and drugs for clinical use with humans.

Address UD3

Institute of Biotechnology and Biomedicine (IBB)
Autonomous University of Barcelona

Unit Manager:
Dr. Francesc Xavier Avilés